Background on Thurrock growth and it's affect on BME community

Thurrock is a unitary authority area with borough status in the English ceremonial county of Essex.

It is estimated that the population has increased due to the development of new housing stock. Moreover, the development is set to grow at a faster pace with more BMEs moving into the area.

It is estimated at the time of this report that the population of Thurrock is close to 170,000 with the BME population growing to 15% or 26,000 approximately.

Based upon published statistics in 2001 the population of Thurrock was 143,300. In 2011 the population has grown and increased to 158,300. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) estimates it will have risen to 166,000 in 2016, and to 175,000 by the time of the next national census, in 2021."


BME population estimate to increase significantly

Population Growth Estimation

We can assume that Thurrock's population may grow to an estimated 250,000 due to the development of Thurrock Land policy to build 20,000-30,000 new homes; which means the current BME population status at just 20% will double.

In view of this, it has become crucial for the needs, aspirations and rights of the BME Group be preserved and represented.

Thurrock BME Group is looking to create the representation of this growing group by equally accessing the rich development opportunities of this growing area.