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August 11, 2021
Fairness and Equality Challenge Panel
September 14, 2021

Census 2021 next steps

Census Letter

The Census 2021 outputs consultation, started on 13th July. Consultations are your chance to hear about our plans and share your views and needs.  We are continuing our work with the Census specifically on the ethnicity categorisations.

Therefore if you have a view about the designations below, please contact us asap at admin@thurrockbme.org.uk

In the classification with 5 high level groups, the groups are:

  • Asian/Asian Welsh/Asian British
  • Black/Black Welsh/Black British/Caribbean/African
  • Mixed/multiple ethnic group
  • White
  • Other ethnic group

In the classification with 19 groups, the groups are:

  • Asian/Asian Welsh/Asian British: Bangladeshi
  • Asian/Asian Welsh/Asian British: Chinese
  • Asian/Asian Welsh/Asian British: Indian
  • Asian/Asian Welsh/Asian British: Pakistani
  • Asian/Asian Welsh/Asian British: Other Asian
  • Black/Black Welsh/Black British/Caribbean/African: African background
  • Black/Black Welsh/Black British/Caribbean/African: Caribbean
  • Black/Black Welsh/Black British/Caribbean/African: Other Black
  • Mixed/multiple ethnic group: Asian and White
  • Mixed/multiple ethnic group: Black African and White
  • Mixed/multiple ethnic group: Black Caribbean and White
  • Mixed/multiple ethnic group: Other Mixed
  • White: English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish/British
  • White: Gypsy or Irish Traveller
  • White: Irish
  • White: Roma
  • White: Other White
  • Other ethnic group: Arab
  • Other ethnic group: Any other ethnic group