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April 28, 2021
June 2021 – Fairness and Equality Challenge Panel
June 19, 2021

Thurrock BME Comments on The Sewell Report

Thurrock BME Group Comments on The Sewell Report

Thurrock BME Group welcomes the Sewell Report as an ambitious piece of work that aims to ensure the UK is a beacon of diversity for nations across the world.  To do that we agree that there needs to be a seismic shift from current behaviours. We need a society where equality is embedded in everything we do, infused into policies and decision making, not just as an afterthought.
So while we identify with the recommendations, we believe that it will take strong leadership to legislate the changes and fight stereotypes.  We had the Macpherson Report following Steven Lawrence’s murder and now The Sewell Report following the Black Lives’ Matter campaign of 2020.  It is high time the Government converted these recommendations into action.
Thurrock BME is ready to work with all local establishments to ensure the goal is achieved. We are keen to ensure that the recommendations are not just implemented for us, but need to ensure that black, Asians and other minority groups actively involved in the implementation.